Something wonderous my way came..

I still have not quite realized what has happened. Normally I sit down and write what´s in my head - These first sentences took 5 tries to start rolling.. I am honored and humbled by the names that sits on the base of this piece of art that I was presented with by the few that braved the weather and came out to celebrate my friends bikeshop (www.trackbikeshop.com) 1 year and change anniversary.
My girlfriend Tif was apparently told a couple of weks back - and hinted already then that a surprise would come in the mail for me. Hmm what has she been up to? A funny bike part, a piece of clothing, a new sex toy? I was starting to think what ever it was it was lost in the mail..
Then on saturday my 7 year old daughter Selma was adamant we´d go to the polo/alleycat/celebration for trackbikeshop.. Hmm shouldn´t we stay in watch a movie and eat good food? No we had to go! Ok - but who are you texting with? It´s a secret dad. Well it is not the first secret a girl has kept from me - I have come to realize it is best not to inquire - you will not be told so I tend to just let it go..
So when I roll up with Selma nice and warm in her Cargo trike - me drenched from riding 40 minutes in pouring rain - My brother is there I´m still just guessing he was bored and decided to come hang with me and mine.. Im starting to suspect that my friends have decided to pony up a little something for good cooperations (I build wheels) so Im thinking a sign of good standings with the Gaggia would be nice - but whadevver..
Then my friend Angus gets on a box and starts talking about that the global messenger community has an award concieved by Buffalo Bill - At that instance I know!
I have been chosen to recieve The Marcus Cooke award!
My eyes well up and the first thing on my mind is that I´m glad Selma is here. I try to listen, but a million thoughts kind of drown out what Angus says - so I give him a hug and rambles off some drivel to thank for the honour.
I´m still in awe - Thank you.

For more on the MCA:

I was really glad I was mentioned in sentences with the MCA and was even nominated this year. I was also pretty sure I was not up for the award - I was not entirely satisfied with the level of competition the race achieved this year. I was particularly disappointed that we did not make it absolutely clear to all including the japanese what was required to participate in the main race. I take this as my personal mistake that the communication was less than adequate to the main race participants.
I was really happy with the whole event coming off despite various divisions and fractions in the organizing group. It again proved to me the strength and ability to overcome in my brothers of all colours and sexes..
Special mention goes to Cory who is consistently in the finals except when he throws it out the window to help me. Please consider asking him to make a bag if you look for one. He does not have a www page - yet. It has been in the works for 3-4 years, but he makes bags that love you back. Look up Dank in Seattle.
And my brothers Morgan and smiling Steve and a hell of a lot of more great people who made my trip to Toronto worth while.
As I read this again before sending it off into the world I realize that I am being a goldfish - again. Toronto is just still very much on my mind - I guess the MCA members remembers Zurich, Copenhagen, Gijon, London, Sydney, Oslo, Seattle, DC, Philly, NYC, and I remember a good handful of other cities where i have met and broken bread with messengers.
Thank you all.