Kyoto ´08

Lovely shots by Riki (thx Riki).
Kyotoloco has been going on for a long time and everyone I know who has been to one gets a smile on their face when they talk about it.. It´s a sign!

Nippon - The land of the rising sun..

I dont know about you, but I have a lot of butterflies flickering in my stomach when I think of next years CMWC.. Tokyo ´09 - oh yeah!



Or at least union meeting.
There are some issues with the percentages and sickpay wages in the company Bring formerly known as "De grønne bude".
So for the first time in the world to my knowledge there was a united refusal to work while a meeting with the bosses was scheduled and planned.
This is great proof of that if it happens in united form we can get the attention of the powers that be and we should not be afraid to communicate what we want for fear of our jobs.
Thanks to Tekno for the pics..

New wheels!

The Level and Deep V connection.
I know I could have gotten better lighter and more blingy rims, but these are the ones my daughter liked..