Open forum 1 (2)

Open Forums as I saw them.

I was the secretary for the first.. So here goes.

Open forum 1 Toronto 2008

Intro by Andy D our revered and beloved president.
Andy explained how this circus is run. Basically and in short it is a flat structure, so everyone has as much say-so as any of their fellow members. If you choose the other option in the voting procedure, other than to vote yes or no, which is to block, it comes with a obligation to have an alternative to the suggestion you block.

Stefan explained that IFBMA (international federation of bike messenger associations) is incorporated under Swiss law, because there is no taxes for international federations. (ex: IOC,UCI and IFBMA) therefore to comply with Swiss law we have constituted a council.

And then I revealed the exciting agenda:

Global alliance for ecomobility
Open floor

Jacobs has a plan, but no graphics. ( He was at the second Open forum elected to head up the IT group for us all.)
Andy Z: Go ahead and do it.
Jacobs: Content?
Ho: We could make a thread on it on the message board.
Stefan: We should keep it in line with the work Joel Metz has done.
Andy Z: We could do it wrong rather than wait for a perfect world to emerge.

Q: To migrate the messengers.org to a new format, and maybe an IT group.( Jacobs was at the second Open forum elected to head up the IT group for us all.)
Andy Z suggested to make schwag to support the IT.

After lots of argumentation everyone agreed on making an event guide line.

Q: Is everyone ok with the council making an edit on this? (All were at the second Open forum)

Global alliance for ecomobility:
Andy D: It is a NGO that lobbies for city development that it is less car dependent and more focused on alternative modes of transport. Represents all sorts of messengers: foot- , rollerblading- , and bikemessengers. Members also includes amateur cycling organisations, governmental organisations. Advocates for passenging or car pooling.
The council opted to join for networking purposes, and we have agreed to be advisors, and to have a chair on the committee. We can at all times get up and leave if we feel compromised by the alliance.
Andy Z: It all sounds good, but can back fire if we just let random messengers speak on everyones behalf.

Yosh: Last months race was good. We are ready for next year. Less experience with large events in Japan - but Tokyo is ready. Jacobs had a few questions and all was good.

No bids at this meeting.
At the second meeting however Panajachel, Guatemala was selected, the bid was presented by Nadir Olivet and the race captain will be Andy Zalan.

There was a few shoutouts:
Cross dress for red cross
Earth hour
Now 3 of those sounds pretty standard events .. What do I know..

Peace out.


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cphfxt said...

Correction:The global alliance for eco-mobility is not involved in car-pooling, it was a misunderstanding on my part of the word passenging - which is what I would call public transport.. Sorry.